Excellent Attorney

Posted by Hunter

March 30, 2023

I Would highly recommend Mr. Henderson to anyone looking for an attorney in the west Georgia area! We were able to get everything I wanted in our family affairs case & then some! This is very very difficult to do in Georgia as a father.  He is thorough with some great connections. 10/10.


 Posted by Rowena

July 16, 2022
I’ve retained Mr Henderson’s services twice and he has won both of my cases! The Big one being a very long and drawn out custody battle for my mother. He is a very kind and compassionate man when it comes to family matters. He will always be honest with you, whether it hurts your feelings or not, he tells it just like it is and holds nothing back. He is very detail oriented and very, very thorough, Mr Henderson absolutely dot’s all I’s and crosse’s all T’s, He is fully prepared at all times, don’t let the small town attorney image fool you, he can run with the big dog’s ! He took the big one down in my case. I, my siblings and my mother will forever be grateful to him and would never hesitate to retain his services again if in need of representation. If you ever find yourself in a legal bind, I highly recommend you reach out to Mr, Daniel Henderson.

Helped me beat my case

Posted by anonymous
August 10, 2021
I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. Daniel Henderson helped get my case dismissed. He was there every step of the way. I had a felony that he got dropped down to a misdemeanor and then eventually got my charge dismissed completely. I was blessed to have you as my lawyer. Thank you so much

The Roers

Posted by Lisa
July 21, 2021
We used Mr. Henderson is a custody case . The case was an uphill battle . We were trying to get custody of our grandchildren. He was devoted and worked long hours and weekends on our case . The case was long and included a lot of information and evidence. He was dedicated and fought very hard on behalf of us and our grandchildren . We will forever be grateful to him . His wife is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met. She helped right along side of him . Thank you both.

Helped me in a drug case

Posted by Cody
January 22, 2021
Mr. Henderson has been an outstanding attorney during these difficult times for me. He has helped understand the charges against me and helped me beat a few drug charges. I can't be thankful enough for him and I highly recommend him


Posted by Sandra
April 30, 2019
I’m so glad I was referred to Mr. Henderson. When you’re looking for a lawyer, you’re kinda apprehensive because you don’t know if the lawyer you chose is the right one for what you need. I never felt that way about Mr. Henderson. I couldn’t have ask for a better lawyer. He was so detailed and organized. He worked long hours, on weekends reading and rereading preparing for our case. I was and am very much satisfied with the results I received. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who may need an attorney for whatever need you may have. I wish him and his family the best and if I ever need a lawyer again, he’ll be the one and only one I’ll call.

Exceptional Attorney

Posted by Jarrett
April 13, 2019
I've known Daniel Henderson for 15 years. Every time I have a legal situation he is the man that I call. When he's on the job I know I have nothing to worry about. I recommend anyone that has any legal issues to get Mr Daniel Henderson on top of it immediately. Highly Recommended

Great Attorney

Posted by Tina
May 9, 2018
Mr Henderson took my 13 yr old case and brought it to justice . He did an awesome job in the court room and I would hire him again and definitely recommend him Thank you Mr Henderson

In my opinion the best

Posted by Randall
April 15, 2018
My name is Randall and i had a case against me that i was looking at some jail time and a possible 2 year license suspension. I had a lawyer that wouldn't even call me back right before court. In a panic i called Mr. Henderson. He took my case on a weeks notice. Immediately my stress level went down.he got my case postponed for a short while so he could build my case. Its funny how different he was from the last lawyer that i dismissed. Mr. Henderson was like the lawyers i watched on tv as a kid.he when to work like a storm.he personally did it all.i met with him on many occasions and took him out to take pictures of the place where i was arrested. I was very impressed with him and would never consider anyone else if i ever need a lawyer again. During one of my court appearances i watched him plea a murder 1st degree case down to a manslaughter charge and save a man from being in prison the rest of his life..very impressive attorney..he got my case reduced and kelp me out of jail and saved my license..he means more to me than i could ever convey in this text.God bless you Mr. Henderson i can never thank you enough.

Severance agreement

Posted by anonymous
May 7, 2017
Some of the language my employer used was contrary on the severance package and confusing and they wouldn't amend it.
I hired Daniel Henderson and he immediately got the ball rolling and then they quickly complied with his request and offered resolution.
Mr Henderson did an excellent professional job and is very approachable, honest and fair

Absolutely intelligent, knowledgeable, helpful - highly recommend!

Posted by Jody Harris
I was very pleased with the attorney and his staff. Every call was answered back in a timely manner. Each call had the utmost professionalism. I wish I could use his firm but my case isn't in Daniel's jurisdiction unfortunately. Daniel and his Assistant Judy answered more questions than any other attorney I spoke to. I would give anything to have them licensed to handle this case here in my state. It was my mistake of not making sure I had to find a local attorney before using their time. They were helpful in leading me in the right direction. I has been given Daniel Henderson's name by a family member, previous co-workers and several others when asking around. I could not believe how many people immediately said his name when I started to ask for 'the best' attorney. He evidently has a great reputation! I stumbled across AVVO on a Sunday while searching for his phone number and I saw I could send a message on a non traditional working day which was me being lazy, then realizing it would allow for him to call me at his convience. Even though I wasn't able to hire him I have to express my appreciation for his courtesy, knowledge and time. I definitely would recommend Daniel based on the un-written aka verbal reviews and the recommendations of so many people. I am truly impressed. Although totally unrelated, I just have to say his assistant Judy has the sweetest little southern accent and was so very ki

The Man with A Plan

Posted by Felix
January 28, 2011
I would first off like to say that I have known Mr. Daniel Henderson for the past 6 years. I met him at church and he was an usher and welcomed and greeted my family every Sunday morning when we attended, whether it was a friendly handshake and smile or a pat on the back. Mr.Henderson definitely presented himself in a very friendly manner. Due to certain events, I ended up hiring Mr.Daniel Henderson for a legal matter that had to be taken care of. He went above and beyond in handling my case. Mr.Henderson has a clear interpretation of the law, and is HIGHLY educated on legal issues,laws,and how the court systems work. He handled my case round the clock,efficiently,privately,and always kept in touch and kept me up to date on my case status. Mr.Henderson is definitely not one of these lawyers who just takes your money and runs. He tells it like it is,what to expect,and he gets the job done. He fights for his clients and meets every need he or she may have. He presents his case with all the facts and information needed and gets his point across. He is not just a lawyer, but a "mentor" in my opinion and gives you the best advice he can, to try to relieve any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Overall I could not have picked a better lawyer to help me in my time of need, I would definitely without any hesitation hire Mr.Daniel Henderson if I ever needed legal advice or assistance in the future. Get Daniel Henderson on YOUR SIDE!!!! He is "The Man with A Plan". A+++++++

Outstanding results at trial! Extremely prepared!

Posted by anonymous
January 27, 2011
I found a lawyer in Mr. Henderson who was extremely effective in defending me against very serious and very complicated criminal charges. I was completely exonerated and now I can carry on my life with hope in my future.

Professional Attorney

Posted by Rebecca
October 5, 2009
I have had several attorneys and he is the only one to come back with codes and things of those nature to help with my case. He returned my call promptly, had my paperwork ready for me to sign and ready for court when I needed them.He was always trying to contact the DA office to find out where the case stood. He was always on time for court. Had me in his office to discuss what would go on in court so that I didnt feel lost and to make sure that I undertood what was going to happen and not happen

Posted by anonymous
October 5, 2009
I would highly recommend Mr. Henderson to anyone looking for an attorney that will work for them. Mr. Henderson is very professional, and thorough. He takes the time to listen and get all the facts so when the court dates comes, He is well prepared.